Sept 2018

Looking forward to tour that begins this week with a hero of mine, drummer Dave King. We’ll be touring the Midwest between September 21st and 28th with a special kick off show in Minneapolis on the 20th—trio-style with one of my fav bands, Real Bulls (Dave King and JT Bates). Hope to see you on the road!


King:Weller Duo POSTER1.jpg

11/11/15: Links- Friends, Fam, & More

Finally getting my blog off the ground! I'm going to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of my friends, family, useful resources, and personal inspirations. I'll be updating the list as time goes on. Thanks for visiting and stayed tuned for more to come!



Lewis Achenbach: Painter/artist in Chicago, IL.

Alex Beltran: Saxophonist and composer in Chicago, IL.

Artie Black: Tenor saxophonist and composer in Chicago, IL.

Patrick Breiner: Saxophonist, clarinetist, composer, and educator in Brooklyn, NY. Be an elephant.

Jamie Breiwick: Trumpet player, composer, graphic designer, and educator in Racince, WI.

Jarod Bufe: Saxophonist and woodwind repair specialist. I highly recommend him for sax repair.

Mario Castro: Saxophonist and composer based in New York, NY.

John Christensen: Bassist and web designer in Madison, WI. Contender for nicest person on Earth.

Quentin Coaxum: Trumpeter and educator in Chicago, IL.

Jeremy Cunningham: Drummer and composer in Chicago, IL.

Tim Daisy: Drummer and composer in Chicago, IL.

Aaron Darrell: One of my college roommates, bassist, composer, and human being extraordinaire in Summerville, MA.

Cole DeGenova: Pianist, vocalist, and songwriter in Chicago, IL. He's got the funk that makes your face scrunch and the rest of you wanna dance. We've been making music together since high school and he's a member of my band Hanging Hearts.

Hunter Diamond: Tenor saxophonist and composer in Chicago, IL.

Ryan Dragon: Trombonist and composer in Los Angeles, CA. My favorite trombonist hands down.........

Devin Drobka: Drummer, composer, & good friend that's based in Milwaukee, WI. We met in college, eventually became roommates, and have been playing ever since. We've got a duo project together, I'm in his group Bell Dance Songs, and he's in my band Hanging Hearts.

Elastic Arts: A non-profit organization fostering a community of music, art and performance in the Avondale/Logan Square neighborhoods of Chicago and beyond through developing, hosting, producing, and promoting creative, independent, and local music concerts, exhibitions, and multi-arts performances.

Katie Ernst: Bassist, vocalist,  and composer in Chicago, IL.

Marcus Evans: Drummer in Chicago, IL.

BSide Graphics: Jamie Brewick's graphic design company for all your album artwork, tour poster, and logo needs.

Hanging Hearts: My main project as a leader with friends Devin Drobka on drums and Cole DeGenova on keyboards. We have an album out that's available on iTunes HERE.

Jake Henry: Trumpeter and composer in Brooklyn, NY. Check out his band Sweet Talk.

Scott Hesse: Guitarist, composer, and educator in Chicago, IL. He was one of my mentors as I was getting out of high school. They don't call him the "mad scientist" for nothing!

Marquis Hill: Trumpeter and composer in New York.

Ted Hogarth: Baritone saxophonist and composer in Chicago, IL. Ted was my saxophone teacher growing up. I owe this man a lot!

Sherri Hope: Writer and teacher in Oak Park, IL. My upstairs neighbor. #940fam!

Josh Johnson: Alto saxophonist and composer in Los Angeles, CA.

Russ Johnson: Trumpeter and composer in Racine, WI.

Dustin Laurenzi: Tenor saxophonist and composer in Chicago, IL.

Dave Miller: Guitarist, composer, and cupcake boss in Chicago, IL.

Rakalam Bob Moses: Drummer master and universal force living outside of Boston, MA.

Gerry & Franca Mulligan Foundation: Dedicated to making all of Gerry Mulligan's music available online and they gave me a scholarship for college. Thanks for everything, Franca!

Nez: Drummer in Milwaukee, WI. A fellow salsa appreciator.

Now-Is Calendar: Great resource for keeping up on concerts in Chicago, IL.

Mike Parker: Bassist and composer in Krakow, Poland.

PING!: Non-profit organization I work with based in Oak Park, IL that provides kids with instruments and music lessons.

Luke Polipnick: Guitarist and composer in Omaha, NE.

Dick Prall: Vocalist and guitarist in Cedar Rapids, IA. Dick leads the indie pop band DICKIE that I play with sometimes. He's a great songwriter.

Kristina Priceman: My wiiiiiife. Tina is a very talented violinist, composer, teacher, chef, and jokester, among other things. I might be biased but you should check her out!

Scratchbang: Funding for artists with no strings attached! Do you appreciate the arts? Check it out and support your favorite artist! Touring is hard... you can help make the world go 'round!

Isaiah Spencer: Drummer in Chicago, IL.

Jason Stein: Bass clarinetist in Chicago, IL.

Terrain Studio: Landscape architect firm owned and operated by my sister Caitlin Aceto and brother Nick Aceto. They are so talented... and cool... and good at skiing...

Marine Tempels: Artist and illustrator in Chicago, IL.

Andrew Trim: Guitarist and composer in Chicago, IL.

Matt Ulery: Bassist and composer in Chicago, IL.

Greg Ward: Saxophonist and composer in Chicago, IL. A huge influence for me and a RIDICULOUS saxophonist!

Wood Weller: My Pops. Some say he's a witch-doctor (which I'm inclined to agree with) but most people know him as the incredible chiropractor & doc of homeopathy he is.. This much is for sure, he has a huge heart, and is very skilled!