Chris Weller is a tenor/bass saxophonist and composer living in Forest Park, IL. He attended Berklee College of Music on scholarship from 2007-2010 where he received his bachelors degree in saxophone performance. During that time, Weller performed in jazz groups across the nation. Since college, he has performed internationally as a bandleader, established a reputable private teaching studio, and hosted clinics in the U.S. and abroad on elementary, high school, and college levels.  



Tenor/Bass saxophones & effects... circular breathing, singing & playing, looping, and more.


Devin Drobka (drums & percussion) and Chris Weller (tenor saxophone & effects) are two musical brothers from the Midwest making heartfelt original improvised music. Collaborating together for a decade in various groups, including Chicago-based trio Hanging Hearts and Devin's own Bell Dance Songs, the formation of their duo project has been a long time coming. The duo's soon-to-be-released record, Blues Town, marks their formal debut.


Hanging Hearts is a free-spirited Chicago-based trio. Described by European audiences as "hammering the walls between genres," their music bridges the gap between jazz, rock, and experimental music. The band features Chris Weller on tenor saxophone, Cole DeGenova on keyboards, and Devin Drobka on drums.


Bell Dance Songs is one of Devin Drobka's groups. We have a self-titled record out that features Devin, myself, John Christensen on bass, and Jay Mollerskov on guitar (available HERE).  Devin's music features beautifully personal melodies reminiscent of Paul Motian and Ornette Coleman. Always a pleasure to play with this group!

OPEN FORUM PROJECT (O.F.P.) - umbrellas Weller's creative experiments. It's been everything from a vessel for solo exploration to an anything goes, ready to rage, ‘let's get weird’ Chicago-based free-improvising ensemble. Past contributors include Jason Stein, Tim Daisy, Russ Johnson, Marcus Evans, Junius Paul, Devin Drobka, Cole DeGenova, Juan Pastor, Charlie Kirchen, Albert Wildeman, Dave Miller, Dave Rempis and more. Lewis Achenbach often paints the music live. Current OFP series takes place at the Friendly Tap in Berwyn, IL.